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Edusav consult is a leader in teacher recruitment. We want to help you find teachers for your school and our business provides schools with special services that are tailor-made for your school and hiring needs.

We are not just an ordinary teacher placement agency that get resumes and forward it to schools. Our experienced staff put a lot of time and effort into recruiting the right teachers for schools. We take our time to scrutinize our database for a teacher that matches your needs, invite them for assessments and interview before sending them to your schools. We contact you latter to check if our teacher met your requirements.

We know school administrators have alot of work on their desk, so we take away the recurrent burden of CV analysis and recruitment process. Just tell us your budget and we will find a way to work around it.

Our recruitment team are all former teachers and administrators that have hiring experience and understand the Nigerian education industry.

The Teachers you receive from Edusav consult are prepped and coached by a our professional recruiters who understand the educational needs of your school.

To learn more about our teacher recruitment services, Please complete our School Recruitment Request Form to find teachers through Edusav consult.

One of our HR consultants will get in touch with you right away to tell you more about our consultancy services and how we interview and find teachers for schools.

We take all the necessary steps to match great teachers with great schools, and that is probably the number one reason why we have a 99% contract completion record!

Unlike other agencies, our teachers enjoy support throughout their stay in the school. We support them with professional advice, training and materials.

We pride ourselves on being different from other agencies because of the following:

■We are seasoned professionals. We have gained a reputation in the education industry for being honest, professional and trustworthy.

■We are selective about the teachers that we work with.

■We are selective about the schools that we work with. We spend as much time screening our schools as we do our teachers.

■We are the only agency that spends on average three to six hours on the phone with every single one of our teachers, before they even step foot in your school!

■We excel at making last minute placements.

■We always have a waiting list of teachers ready to go!

■We offer a full range of teachers, from fresh university graduates that are looking for a good school to start their teaching career, to teachers that have a few years of teaching experience under their belts, as well as certified and seasoned educators.

We look forward to receiving your request and helping you find teachers that will add value to your school.

To learn more about our teacher recruitment services, please contact us at


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