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Work with a Homeschool Tutor to Deliver the Best Education

Edusav consults certified and experienced school administrators and tutors can help you design your homeschool lesson plans so that they are both engaging to your child and meet the British and Nigerian curriculum standards. We provide you with a regular, in-home teachers who work one-on-one during sessions scheduled at your convenience.

We do a thorough review the tutors’ lesson plans and provide constructive comments and ideas to help further develop the lessons. We introduce appropriate extracurricular activities and games to your child’s homeschooling timetable to make the learning experience more fun and supervise assignments and projects to further your child’s understanding of a concept.

After a few weeks of teaching, we schedule a meeting with you to discuss your child’s specific educational needs, individual educational plan (IEP) and how these needs affect your child’s learning process. Our tutors are dedicated to helping homeschoolers identify their educational goals and providing them with the correct environment to achieve them.

Our skilled tutors and academic supervisors can help you discover alternative ways to teach your child difficult material. We provide insights as to how your child learns best and the concepts they often struggle to understand. A homeschool tutor from Edusav consult can also help you find the right style of teaching for your child and ways in which their particular learning style can be incorporated into your homeschool lessons. They also help you anticipate the material that your child may have difficulty understanding in the future and ways to make the learning process as easy as possible.

We understand the homeschooling needs of parents and students so our sessions can be scheduled around your busy day rather than sacrificing extracurricular activities and appointments. We are gender sensitive and careful about your safety and that of our tutors. Our one-on-one sessions give students the confidence they need to master difficult concepts. In an individualized setting, students can focus on their own capabilities without feeling pressured to learn things beyond their level before they are ready.

At Edusav consult we work with parents to ensure the student is given the best education possible and the complementary knowledge needed to pursue further education. We offer tutoring to students at all grade levels in various subjects

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